Prayer Pacifier?

I promise you this one will challenge your thinking about prayer, the way you pray and why you pray….

Prayer has a broad definition in the Bible. It is first and foremost communion with the Father. It is also worship, petition, thanksgiving, and intercession on behalf of others. Prayer is one of the most powerful things you and I can do for ourselves, our families, churches, and one another. God moves powerfully through the prayers of the saints as they pray in harmony and faith according to His word and through His Son Jesus. That is why we pray in Jesus name.

Now let me get to the question, “Is prayer merely a pacifier for you?” Is it something we do simply to sooth our conscience and when we are done, we have done our spiritual duty. Most would say “NO!” and you would quote the scriptures on prayer and cite examples of God moving through prayer…and rightly so. However I want to challenge you that prayer without righteous action may at times be as dead as faith without works.

Prayers are meant to pave the road for God to move on our behalf or on the behalf of others. But then does not someone have to move according to the road paved? Is prayer not establishing the will of God in the spiritual surrounding us so that we might experience it in the natural realm?

Do we use prayer as an excuse for inaction? We can say we “prayed” about it but we don’t always listen for God to tell us what to do concerning the situation we are praying. Or worse, we pray and discover what the heart of God is about something and then we hope someone else will do something about it. I tell you prayer is more of a pacifier to our conscience at times than it is establishing kingdom purpose and then doing what we know is right according to our prayers.

Is prayer your pacifier or the dynamite you use to clear the righteous road before you that you intent to walk on for the cause of Christ?

Can I prove it?

Moses is standing on the mountain with Arron and Hur praying fervently for Joshua and the army down on the battle field. Moses’ arms go down and the battle goes against Joshua. Moses’ hands go back up and the battle again turns in favor of Joshua. So prayer alone won the battle? Yes and No. It took both spiritual action and human action in agreement with the will of God. If Moses’ would have just stood on the mountain praying…he would have been killed were it not for Joshua and the army fighting! It took both an act of heaven and an act of human will to fight and to defeat the enemy!

Jesus went away to pray often. Why? To find the will of the Father, agree with it through prayer AND then go throughout His day preaching, teaching, healing the sick, causing the lame to walk, raising the dead and casting out demons. His WORKS reflected His prayer time. If he would have stayed on the mountain and prayed all the time…nothing would have happened.

There are absolutely times that prayer caused God to intervene on behalf of men with angels, none the less, we must understand that was not the norm. The normal activity of heaven coming to earth was that prayer moved both God and man to action. Therefore don’t say you prayed about something, got what you knew was the will of God and then watched as something less than that took place. You didn’t miss God, you just refused to be a part of the answer God wanted to bring forth.

I ask you again, “Is prayer just your spiritual pacifier?” Maybe the next time we sit down or kneel to pray we should do so with the attitude of “I present myself as a living sacrifice to do your will oh God, not simply pray about.”


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