We call it nine-eleven. No one who was old enough to remember has forgotten that incredible fateful day when some 3,000 people died in the twin towers of New York City. Most everyone can tell you where they were and what they were doing when they first heard. My dad is the same way about the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Some days are forever burned into our memories and the history books…and rightly so.

Nine-eleven was a destiny moment not just for this nation, but for the world. It changed everything.

In some ways nine-eleven still is causing havoc today. Our country had to turn most of its resources to fighting a war against terror. About the only thing “good” that it caused was for a brief moment, our government gained some sanity. Congress met openly on the steps of the capitol to pray for our nation. Now, eleven years later some vote on whether to have God in their “platform” or not.

I call it the “pocket God syndrome”. When you need God, pull him out of your pocket like some proverbial genie in a bottle and order him to do what you want. When he’s worked for you…put him back in your pocket and tell him to be quiet until you need him again.

…I pray for this nation today. The God I serve won’t stay in our pockets and He will not be treated with such disrespect.

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