I Have a Dream

Those words take us back to one of the most powerful leaders this nation has ever seen. He never held a political office, or wore a soldier’s uniform, yet he shaped the destiny of millions of people and changed the culture of a nation. His name was Martin Luther King, Jr. Say what you want about “the man”, imperfect as he was, he spoke the truth that needed to be spoken. In doing so he energized a generation, both black and white to change the  cultural norms of this country…and for the better when it came to the racial divisions that were so blatant 50 years ago.

Where have the dreamers gone? The men and woman who look at seemingly impossible situations and dreamed anyway. They didn’t just dream, they dreamed big! And, they didn’t just dream big, they sought to see their dream come to pass.

I have a dream. It’s controversial to some, but I’m going to dream anyway…

  • I dream of genuine kingdom ministry taking place on the earth.
  • I dream of a kingdom focused church where in some way the total ministry of Jesus is carried out.
  • I dream of churches which aren’t driven by programs that wear us out, but the presence of God which energizes us.
  • I dream of a church where the power of God manifested IS the argument which brings people to Christ, not just finely crafted sermons.
  • I dream of a people who are willing to forsake all for something “out of the box”.
  • I dream of a church free from the denominational politics which seem to throttle the move of God rather than release it.
  • I dream of a church which recognizes, honors, and fights for the anointing that leads them, protecting it at all cost.
  • I dream of leaders who actually have eyes to see what God desires rather than their own personal agenda’s and traditions.
  • I dream of a generation like the Joshua generation who say, “enough wandering around” in the wilderness let’s get behind the God appointed leaders and let nothing stop us from taking the land. (Joshua 1)

Is it a God dream or a “pipe” dream? Jesus asked the question, “Will I find faith on the earth when I return?”. That is a chilling question to me…for it puts the responsibility upon us to carry out what HE STARTED.

A pastor I greatly respect said this to me the other day, “Sometimes I wonder if what we are doing is even close to what Jesus intended the church to be.” I concur. Please don’t misunderstand, I have pastored three different churches and loved them all dearly. But at times I would study the scriptures, the Book of Acts in particular…and I would wonder…is what we are doing really what God had in mind?

I believe restorative revelation is progressive in it’s unfolding. The word has not changed, but our deeper understanding of it does. There is a whole generation of people out there who are searching for something…they are dreaming of something bigger…not always in number…but in spiritual reality. The pastoral epistles give us a very “loose” order for governmental structure with the emphasis far more on the character of the leaders, than the structure itself. The physical body must remain flexible or it becomes stiff and immovable.  The same is true of the Church of Jesus Christ when we view it as a “body” of Christ in the world today. The Book of Acts shows us a “free” church turning whole cities upside down for Jesus. We must not hide behind the growing paganism of our culture as to our failure to reach it. The early church lived in a pagan society, which knew nothing of the true God, and yet the POWER of the gospel broke through the pagan mindset.

I have a dream…Jesus had a question.

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