There are seven deer grazing in my front yard as I write this. They in fact prompted this post for in watching them I am reminded of the Psalmist’s words…

Psalm 42:1 (NASB95)

1 As the deer pants for the water brooks, So my soul pants for You, O God.

Are you thirsty? For what? Do you even know?

Most people go around today “thirsty”. They look for drink, for something to refresh their weary souls. They try the pursuit of money but that always leaves them dry. They look for it in knowledge, entertainment, drugs, alcohol, sex, and all manner of other things which leaves them even more thirsty than they were before. Thirsty for something they cannot define, they just know it’s there deep inside. A barren place crying out for water…living water.

There is a place created in every person for a spring to come forth. A place which remains dry, arid until we look to the one who created us for the answers. The reality is what we will find is the thirst was caused by God all along!  The dry place was crying out for the spring God intended it to have. The thirst can never be quenched, it can never be satisfied apart from the presence of God’s Spirit within us.

Jesus said that out of our inner most being rivers of living water would flow. He spoke of the Holy Spirit who was to come and reside in every child of God. A restoration of  relationship with the living God occurs and the barren ground becomes a beautiful garden once more.

Here is the question: Are you thirsty? Is there a dryness and a barrenness in your soul you can not satisfy?

…The answer to your thirst is Jesus. Have you received Him into your heart?

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