The Hunger Games

In case you didn’t know (and who didn’t with all the advertising) the movie “The Hunger Games” just came out on DVD this weekend. To be honest with you, I was looking forward to it. Not because I looked forward to seeing children killing children again, but rather because the first time I watched it I knew there were deeply disturbing truths about the society we live told in this rather grizzly tale. And, I knew there was more to it than just satire.

I was right. What a brilliant/horrible satire concerning the society we live in today, especially in America. The comparisons are far to real:

  1. The divide between rich and poor.
  2. The supposed elite over the suppressed.
  3. The blatant racism in a girl of a different race  given no help from a “gift” box while others did.
  4. The powerful control a very few wicked and behind the scenes people have over our minds through the media.
  5. The sheep being lead to slaughter for the sake of the almighty dollar and ratings in a “make-believe” world which is all to real around us.

The social issues are apparent and go on and on yet that is not what I am writing about, as true as they are. I knew the first time I saw this movie in theaters there were also spiritual truths embedded in it, intended or not.  Let’s mention a few.

  1. Did you see the devil, the beast, and the false prophet?
  2. Did you see the spirit world influencing what was taking place throughout “the game”?
  3. Did you see freewill choices affecting the outcome even though the powers that be were trying to pull the proverbial strings ?
  4. Did you see that “love” frustrated the plans of the devil?
  5. Did you see the power the devil, the beast, and the false prophet had to cause even people of the “same kind” to turn viciously against one another?
  6. Did you see God trying to reveal things to a lost and dying world…even in a secular movie?

Please don’t misunderstand me! I did not “enjoy” watching this movie and anybody that does probably has some rather serious “issues”. At the same time, there is value in this movie for those mature enough to see it (age wise) and are willing to see past the entertainment and box office ticket sales.

…And no, I have no intention of turning into a movie critic. I just look for kingdom truth were ever I can find it and I find God places it in many different places to open people’s’ hearts and mind to Him.

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