The Wedding

Little did I know…

Wow…who knew!  I have been doing weddings for many years now. My job was as simple as showing up for rehearsal and the ceremony. I would go through the vows, pronounce them “husband and wife”, tell the groom he may kiss the bride, take a few pictures and then it was off to the party.

My how your perspective changes when you are the father of the bride! My house has been nothing but a frenzy of preparation for this one special day since Lauren graduated from VT. I mean, every day there has been wedding planning, running here and there for this and that. Looking at “countless” dresses for the bride, the mother, and of course the sister. Even as I write this the kitchen is a hustle and bustle of baking and truffle making for the shower.

And…let us not forget the cost. For some reason I have had little input into this whole wedding thing except for “the cost”. We do not EVEN want to go there!!!

Then it occurred to me, Father God is preparing a wedding day for His Son and His bride. It’s been in the planning and perfecting stage for going on almost 2,000 years. What a very special day it will be as well! Jesus will come and a massive wedding will occur with His bride, the Church. No wonder the things of the kingdom seem to be at the forefront in these last days and the devil is doing all he can to keep the bride’s dress from being spotless. He won’t succeed. God’s predestined this event and He will have a spotless bride for His Son.

God’s already “paid” for this wedding with the blood of the groom Himself, the Lord Jesus Christ!

…I think I’ll just enjoy this process of wedding preparation as best I can. It will only happen once for Lauren and I don’t want to miss a thing. I also think I’ll enjoy the processing of the Father as He prepares you and I for a one time event to come.

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