Let’s get real with the Gospel of the Kingdom which Jesus actually preached.

The fullness of the Kingdom of God was never about individual men, women, movements, churches, or denominations nor was it about individual nations, races, or cultures. All of these may be instruments of the kingdom, but they in and of themselves are not the bigger picture of the Kingdom that Jesus taught and demonstrated while upon the earth.

Furthermore, there was never meant to be an “official religion” of the Kingdom, much less an “official denomination”. The New Testament is about making followers of the resurrected Christ, not followers of a form or ritual which we have squeezed into a neat little sixty minute “worship” service in a building we call “church”. The Kingdom of God, its government, and true worship in the Spirit is far greater. We wonder especially in the American Church just where have all the miracle gone? They have gone the way of the true kingdom message, lost to ridged tradition and a loss of Kingdom understanding.

The Kingdom of God is entered through the born-again experience initiated by the Spirit of God when we repent of our sins and receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior! We are baptized into the Body of Christ, the one true Church and we are translated into an entirely new kingdom from the kingdom of darkness, we become citizens of a whole new governmental system.

…This blog is dedicated to helping you bridge the gap between religion and relationship, form/ritual and true life in Christ. Let’s follow Him as He leads us into kingdom living for today.

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